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A golf Course

A golf Course on french riviera

A golf Course on french riviera

Built in the purest tradition of modern american golf architecture by Pete Dye and PB Dye, every inch of the course is an ode to the imagination, combining respect for nature with technical flair.

Vidéo Of Golf de Barbaroux

Why Barbaroux?

Imagine driving your ball over a vineyard to reach the fair way, or trying to avoid 3 large lakes on the same hole or the challenge of the biggest green in Europe? (69 meters long: on most courses that can be over half the length of the par 3’s!)

No matter your strength or weaknesses, this Champions’ course will never bore you! Architectural brilliance, Barbaroux is a fabulous achievement and enhances Pete Dye’s reputation. What a course, Barbaroux is a monument to golf, particularly difficult, but as is often the case with a truly great course is that it is well designed, permitting players of all levels, from different tees, to fully enjoy this splendid course….”

Here is Peter Haslam’s opinion, independent expert of the famous magazine Golf World:

“The best course of the Côte d’Azur region is probably Barbaroux, rightly classified 42nd in the Top 50 European courses by Golf World, but personally I would put it in a much better position.”

“Designed by the American architects Pete & P.B. Dye who have given their characteristic signature, notably the presence of wood beams retaining the lakes. The course unfolds in the var Mediterranean forest, beginning with a par 4 where the first difficulty is to decide how much of the lake you will cover, don’t be too greedy. The 3rd hole is an “adventure” needing a long iron or fairway wood to play a blind shot to the green far below, the 4th is difficult and interesting par 3 where you will pass through a tunnel under the green.”

“Barbaroux is one of the rare golf courses where every hole is ‘unforgettable’ and where the greens are fast and honest. If I was to spend the rest of my life playing the same French golf course, it would be Barbaroux.”

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